General Public Policy


  • Rational Expectations (Second edition). Steven M. Sheffrin. Cambridge University Press, 1996. Google Book Preview.
  • Markets and Majorities: The Political Economy of Public Policy. Steven M. Sheffrin. Free Press 1993. Google Book Preview.
  • The Making of Economic Policy. Steven M. Sheffrin. Basil Blackwell, 1989.  Library Search (WorldCat).


State and Local Public Finance

Property Tax including Proposition 13

Tax Evasion and Compliance

Sales Tax

  • “An Analysis of the Feasibility of Implementing A Single Rate Sales Tax,” Gary C. Cornia, Kelly D. Edmiston, Steven M. Sheffrin, and Terri A. Sexton. National Tax Journal, December 2002. Abstract. Full text article available to subscribers only.
  • “Should the Federal Income Tax Be Replaced with a National Sales or Value-added Tax?” Steven M. Sheffrin. California Policy Research Center, August 1996. Brief (pdf).

Industry Specific Studies

For additional publications by Steven M. Sheffrin in Macroeconomics and International Economics, consult Google Scholar.

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