Property Tax including Proposition 13

  • Proposition 13 at 30: Panel 2, The Economic Impact (video). Moderator: John Decker, Executive Director, California Debt & Investment Advisory Commission Dave Doerr, California Taxpayers Association, "Coping Through California's Budget Crises in Light of Proposition 13" William Fischel, Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College, "Why Has the Serrano-Prop. 13 Connection Become the Conventional Wisdom?" Terri Sexton, Professor of Economics, California State University Sacramento, "Proposition 13 and Residential Mobility" Steven Sheffrin, Professor of Economics, UC Davis, "Re-Assessing the Fairness of Market Value Taxation and Proposition 13".
  • Proposition 13 and Residential Mobility (pdf). Terri A. Sexton. Presentation at Proposition 13 at 30, Institute of Governmental Studies, UC Berkeley, June 6, 2008.

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