Environmental Policy Frontiers

The Environmental Policy Frontiers (EPF) initiative seeks to generate reciprocal feedback cutting-edge academic research in environmental policy to policy decision-makers who need it. Mark Lubell (Environmental Science and Policy) leads the initiative.  The main goal of the initiative is to provide “face time” between researchers and practitioners, and also keep researchers abreast of the newest theories and methods. The EPF initiative also seeks to partner with other UCD Centers and Institutes to leverage multiple funding sources.  To date, the EPF has been involved in three main activities.

California Water Policy Seminar

The California Water Policy Seminar was conducted jointly with the Center for Watershed Science and coordinated by Jay Lund.  The seminar featured presentations by many of the leading water policy experts in the state of California, including high-level officials from California water management agencies and the legislature.  The Water Policy Seminar was offered for graduate and undergraduate credit so attendance was high among students, faculty, and outside visitors.  This is one of the most important seminar series at UC Davis and parallels a similar seminar at UC Berkeley.  It significantly raises the visibility of the campus and all associated Centers.  We will continue to jointly fund this seminar next time it occurs.

Environmental Policy and Economics Seminar

This seminar focused on a quarter long speaker series of environmental policy and economics researchers from around the country, including resident researchers at agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency. The seminar was jointly funded with money from the College of Ag and Environmental Sciences, and coordinated by Jim Sanchirico in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. The seminar was offered for graduate student credit and the graduate students had opportunities to personally meet with each researcher and discuss common interests.  Future iterations of this seminar will attempt to more directly connect researchers and policy practitioners focused on the same topic.

Matt Jenkins, High Country News Reporter

The media is an important player in environmental policy and High Country News is one of the very best environmental newspapers in the country.  Matt Jenkins is a reporter for HCN who focuses on Western water issues including the California Bay-Delta. He provided his perspective on the evolution of Bay Delta Water Policy, and also on the role of the media in the context of environmental policy and politics.  The talk was well-attended by a variety of UCD faculty and students.

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