Policy Watch Seminar: Jay Lund

California's Water Future - From Conflict to Reconciliation Jay Lund, Director, UC Davis Watershed Sciences Center

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Feb 08, 2012
from 12:10 PM to 01:00 PM


360 Shields Library

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California will always have important water conflicts, which will change as California’s society, economy, and climate change.  This talk reviews some major issues for water policy in California and how we have addressed such issues over time.  Promising approaches for resolving ongoing water conflicts are examined, along with some policy and investment implications.  Current deterioration of state and federal budgets and capabilities in water management are leading to greater roles for local and regional initiative and funding.  This has both positive and disturbing implications for California’s ability to adapt to change and improve the ability of water management to serve economic, social, and environmental objectives.  More nimble and forward-looking state policies and institutions can be helpful here.

Jay Lund is the Director of the UC Davis Watershed Sciences Center, and currently the Ray B. Krone Chair of Environmental Engineering, UC Davis.  Lund’s principal research is in applying systems analysis, economic, and management methods to infrastructure and public works problems.  He has led development and application of a large-scale optimization modeling for California's water supply, as well as various other modeling studies for the management of flood control and environmental purposes.  In recent years he has been a principal author of several major books and reports on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and California water policy, with the Public Policy Institute of California.  The most recent book is Managing California’s Water – From Conflict to Reconciliation.  The UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of critical issues in water management, with a focus on the sustainable and cost-effective restoration and management of stream, lake and estuarine ecosystems.  http://watershed.ucdavis.edu

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